nysc-logoDiscounted NYSC Passport Membership with Locations all over NYC

Take advantage of our new partnership with New York Sports Clubs today!

The NYC PSU Alumni Chapter and New York Sports Clubs are excited to announce a new partnership featuring significantly discounted club membership prices for NYC Chapter members.  This is an amazing opportunity to support your local Chapter while also taking advantage of a great deal.  This offer is only available to Chapter members but if you take advantage of this offer, the $300 annual NYSC Passport savings pays for your chapter membership in just over a month!

Not a member yet?  Click here to become a member and to learn about more available discounts!

  • No commitment, month-to-month membership
    • You may cancel at any time by providing a 30 day notice
    • No cancellation fee
  • $0 joining fee
  • Receive the rest of the month free
  • $59.99 annual fee (due at the time of joining and again on the anniversary date of enrollment)
  • Group exercise classes and towel service are included in this offer
  • This offer extends to Alumni spouse/partner.
  • If you are already a member of NYSC, with you can still take advantage of Penn State partnership discount.  Please be advised that a, one time, $59.99 conversion fee will apply to convert your existing membership to a PSUNYC discounted gym membership
  • This offer is sold only through the NYSC partnership department.  You cannot sign up onsite at club locations.  Please follow the sign-up process below.


  • Passport $54.99 per month: Access to all clubs in the Northeast with the exception of Elite and Flagship locations. (Retail price is $79.99 for the NYSC month-to-month, non commit, membership)
  • Elite $69.99 per month: Access to all clubs in the Northeast including Elite clubs only.
  • Flagship $100.00 per month: Access to all clubs in the Northeast including Elite and Flagship. 


  • Step 1:  Start the process of signing up by clicking here!   You must be a member to continue with the link. 
  • Step 2:  Once you've completed Step 1, you'll receive an "order confirmation" email receipt from our website containing an order number which will be your proof of Chapter membership. *No payment will be collected during this step.
  • Step 3:  Follow the directions in your email receipt and forward the receipt to our partnership coordinator, Claudio, at NYSC who will work with you to finalize your club membership and process your payment. 
  • Contact Account Manager: Claudio.Guzzo@tsiclubs.com 917.877.1429 with questions and enrollment.



Disclaimer:   We do our best to provide the most up to date information to our members. Although unlikely, the above offer from NYSC can change at any time.  The contract you sign with New York Sport Club prevails.  Please read your contract carefully before signing, as the NYC Penn State Chapter is not responsible for any changes in 3rd party policies beyond our control.