Low Student Loan Consolidation Rates with First Republic Bank (Sponsored)


Do you or do you know someone with a high-rate student loan or numerous student loans?   First Republic Bank may be able to help refinance or consolidate those high rate student loans with their  "Eagle All-in-One Loan" program!

The Penn State Alumni Association - NYC Chapter has been made aware of very low student loan refinancing rates that currently range from 1.95% - 3.95%* with repayment terms as short as 5 years or as long at 15 years for Penn State Alumni and friends who are qualified applicants.  Click here to view the First Republic flyer.  This opportunity is a great way to potentially lower payments, interest rates and also give back to your local alumni chapter!   For every "Eagle All-in-One" loan closed, First Republic Bank has graciously offered to make a donation to the Penn State NYC Chapter's Michael D. Ferugio Memorial Scholarship at no cost to you.   

To learn more, email firstrepublic@psunyc.org and we'll refer you to a First Republic banker who can provide all the details and disclosures to you regarding the "Eagle All-in-One" consolidation loan.     Please kindly apply through the chapter's dedicated banker so that you receive the best possible service and so the Chapter’s Scholarship Fund receives a donation when a loan is closed through First Republic Bank.

Minimum starting loan balance is $25,000.  You may consolidate public or private loans and also those that may be from schools unaffiliated with Penn State.   

Questions?  If you have questions regarding First Republic or would like to provide any feedback, please contact our Chapter's Treasurer, Mike McHugh, at treasurer@psunyc.org .

* As of 5/29/10.  Subject to credit approval.  Rates may change at any time.  Be sure to review all loan disclosures on the materials you receive from the First Republic banker.

Disclaimer:  This is not an endorsement so please discuss this and any potential new loan product with your trusted accountant and financial advisors to make sure this is right for you.  We do our best to provide the most up to date information to our members; although unlikely, the above offer from First Republic can change at any time.  The contract or loan you sign with First Republic prevails.  Please read your loan application/contract carefully before signing, as the Penn State Alumni Association - NYC Chapter is not responsible for 3rd party contracts that you choose to be a party to or enter into.