December 10, 2018


Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends,


"Penn State is my dream school, but my family just can't afford it."

I, like many proud Penn Staters, have heard this heartbreaking sentence all too often. My name is Linde Miles, President of the New York City Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association, and I am writing today to ask for your help. Each year, we raise money for the Michael D. Ferugio Scholarship Fund which directly supports incoming freshmen from the NYC Metro area. This scholarship fund honors a man who fully embodied the values of Penn State, who tragically lost his life on September 11, 2001.

Today the average cost of attendance for an out-of-state freshman at Penn State University Park is $50,006 per year and rising. Students and their families need every opportunity possible to help offset this financial burden. We ask students applying for the scholarship how they embody the traits of ambition, philanthropy, and humility. The responses are not only warm and heartfelt but inspiring. They make all who read them proud to be part of the Penn State family and excited for the generation to come, and I know Michael would feel the same. To me, Penn State is having the biggest family in the world, success with honor, and giving back to a place that gave me so much.

I ask that you consider a gift of $50 today; however, no gift is too small or too large. All gifts are 100% tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. As a volunteer-run organization, there is zero overhead involved with your gift. Every cent of your donation is used to fund the dreams of new Penn Staters as they embark on their journey. Getting accepted to Dear Old State is difficult enough - let's help make these students' dreams of becoming Nittany Lions a reality!

For the Glory,

Linde Miles '09

President - NYC Chapter, Penn State Alumni Association

P.S. If you aren't already, I hope you consider becoming a member of the NYC Chapter today. Annual membership is just $25, which supports Chapter activities including networking events, club sports teams, and football game watches. To find out more, please click here.