Looking to get more involved in our Chapter? Positions on the board are open! 

Penn State NYC has open volunteer positions at the Director and Senior Director level.  Contact us today if you are interested in joining! 

Open Positions
Activities Senior Director - The Activities Senior Director will assure that the schedule of activities consists of a well-rounded series of events designed to promote all aspects of Penn State's educational program including its scholastic, athletic and cultural activities and to support Penn State's efforts to recruit outstanding students. The position will organize a variety of community service and fundraising events per year and coordinate annual summer Senior Sendoff. 


Career and Networking Senior Director - The Career Development and Networking Senior Director shall work in conjunction with other Chapter committees to foster the professional development of Chapter members by creating continuing education and networking opportunities. The position will plan at least quarterly networking events, organize multiple career development panels per year and plan annual Young Alumni Happy Hour.


Communications - The Communications Senior Director shall work with the Penn State Office of Public Information through the local media to inform the public of notable Penn State achievements and accomplishments of its students, faculty and alumni. The Committee shall be responsible for managing the Chapter website and monitor potential new technologies, training Board Members on how to use website and preparing and issuing the Chapter newsletter up to 2x a week.


Director (General) - The Director will act as backup to all Senior Directors, providing assistance on an as-needed basis. The Director will attend or call into Board Meetings at least once every other month (may attend additional meetings if desired). They will also provide backup support to the Executive Board, lead volunteer engagement meetings, attend as many Chapter events as possible, and volunteer at game watch parties.

If you are interested, please contact Kevin Cei at president@psunyc.org