Career Advancement Workshop: Selling Ideas to the C-Suite

Want a great career?  You MUST be able to sell to senior leadership.

Please join us as PSU Smeal alumnus Gordon Adelsberg, MBA ’05, leads us through this interactive workshop, “Selling Ideas to Senior Leadership.”  Penn State’s business school has an EXCELLENT communications curriculum – Let’s build on that.

We generally start our careers as operational and subject matter experts, but to advance, we must know how to present to the decision makers.  Companies are getting leaner and flatter, and the managerial chain between the operating folks and the decision makers is short.  Many companies, especially technology firms, adhere to Jack Welch’s advice:  You've probably gotten to the right level of layers if your company is 50% flatter than you'd like.  The “Killer Wake Up Call” is that we just moved up the food chain, and are now in direct line-of-sight to senior managers and the C-Suite.   In addition to some great networking at this event, you’ll learn:

  • How do to determine what’s important to the C-Suite.

  • How to communicate with the C-Suite.

  • How to “Sell” your ideas to senior leadership.

About the Speaker: Gordon Adelsberg, (MBA ’05) is CEO and Chief Learning Officer at Communication for Geeks®.  He has developed nationally distributed branded products and has more than a decade of management consulting experience.  “A lot of what we teach comes from our top-notch communications classes in our MBA program. What I learned there has been incredibly helpful in my career…so much so that I launched C4G to share it with the world.”  Please visit Gordon's LinkedIn Page @

Event Details:         

        Date:  Tuesday September 20, 2016, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

        Place:  The offices of Duane Morris LLP

        Address:  1540 Broadway (The Bertelsmann Building, Times Square, Corner of 7th Ave &  W 45th St.) 

        Cost:  FREE for PSUNYC Chapter members, $18 for guests/non-members.   (Refreshments will be served)           


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