Career Development and Networking

psualumniThe PSU NYC Alumni Chapter Senior Director of Career Development & Networking (CDN) as well as our General Directors function to allow members to meet a wide range of friendly, interesting Penn State people. Our initiatives can include but are not limited to:
- Events
- Development seminars
- Coffee & Contacts: Breakfast Business Card Exchange
- The free NYC PSU AA Business & Membership Directory

The Senior Director of CDN strives to enhance communication among NYC Penn State Alumni, providing a medium:

- for business-to-business (B2B) networking
- to help alumni expand professional networks with fellow Penn State NYC Alums
- to provide outreach to Penn State students interested in pursuing career opportunities in New York City
- for professional development
***The PSU NYC Alumni Chapter is actively pursuing the formation of NYC-based networking groups of alumni representing various industries (e.g., Arts, Broadway, Media, PR & Entertainment, Finance, Tech, Engineers) as well as diversity groups (e.g., Women Professionals, LGBT, Latino, African American). These sub-groups may be formed as part of our existing career & networking committee or in partnership with already established alumni interest groups (AIGs).
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