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A Message from our Senior Director of Membership:

Welcome to the PSUNYC! 

Our executive board and directors make a yearlong effort to provide an active and valuable community for Penn State alumni living in the New York City area. Our volunteers organize almost 10 events per month, including social events, career development sessions, networking opportunities, community service outings, and sports leagues. With your support and involvement, we can continue to be one of the most active Penn State alumni chapters in the nation.

Our membership costs only $25 per year. These dues fund our operating costs (like website costs, advertising, email marketing subscriptions, etc) and local events. Additionally,

- We're a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which means your donation is tax-deductible.

- We partner with businesses to provide benefits that make your membership even more worthwhile. For details, see below.

Become a Member now! 

It is this support that keeps Penn State's alumni network one of the best in the world. (If you are inspired to get even more involved, I encourage you to volunteer with our Chapter)! We hope your membership brings you new opportunities, new friends, and new Penn State memories. 

For The Glory,

Kevin Cei

PSUNYC President



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