Volunteer with GallopNYC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Lessons 


Join the PSU NYC Chapter and support GallopNYC, a non-profit that offers therapeutic horsemanship programs to children and adults with disabilities! 

Event Details:

When: Saturday June 1st, from 2-5 PM

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn (specific location details to follow)

Max Number of Volunteers: 8

Individual volunteers will support Gallop's riders during their therapeutic riding lessons held in Prospect Park in a couple of different ways:

  • Side Walking:

​- Assist the instructor during therapeutic riding sessions by working directly with the riders

- Act as an intermediary between the rider & instructor by assisting rider with the instructor's directions

- Help prepare riders for lessons

- Assist with rider support during mounting and dismounting

- Walk (and job) next to the rider throughout the class and provide physical support as necessary

- Help the rider follow directions given by the instructor


  • Lead-Walking:

​- Lead horses during therapeutic riding classes

- Keep primary focus on guiding the assigned horse (and not the rider) while maintaining communication with side-walker team

- Execute directions of the instructor during therapeutic riding sessions

- Help bring horses in and out of arena

Volunteers will be selected on a first-come first-serve basis so register now while there are still spots available! Got questions? Send them to service@psunyc.org!