PSUNYC Statement on Diversity and Inclusion


In response to recent events in our city and around the world, the PSUNYC Chapter released a statement in support of the fight against injustice and racism across our social media platforms. We have included this statement below:


To our Alumni & Friends:

Too many NYC Penn Staters we deeply care for are in pain. A pain caused by centuries of racial injustice. A pain that has erupted in protests throughout our city and a call to action nationwide. 


Our alma mater has been a leader throughout our history in standing up for those among us that face injustice, racism and inequality. A prominent example includes our participation in the 1948 Cotton Bowl Classic where “We Play All or We Play None” inspired our ‘We Are’ motto.  We Are is more than a chant - it is a heartfelt statement of our beliefs that We Are all in this fight for change together and We Are a community that stands up for each other.


To you, our Penn State NYC family, we ask that you hold us accountable and to the charge that “may no act of ours bring shame“. The Penn State Alumni Association New York City chapter’s mission is to create an environment that helps all alumni from this diverse city feel welcomed, valued and respected.