Penn State NYC - Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) Fund

The PSU NYC NIL Fund is a pilot program designed to provide opportunities for Penn State NYC alumni to engage and support current NY metro area Penn State student athletes of all sports and provide valuable opportunities for business owners and operators to better engage Penn State as a whole!



NIL has opened up new opportunities for the Penn State community to assist NY area student athletes and create more engagement between students and alumni. While we've seen other schools handle NIL in suspect manners, PSU NYC has started a pilot program with a focus on supporting current student athletes from the NYC area. In partnership with Happy Valley United, the entire PSU NYC Board believes that PSU NYC can set an example of how NIL can be used to enable alumni to better engage and support current students at Penn State.


PSU NYC, and other local chapters of the Penn State Alumni Assoication (PSAA), are allowed to work with NIL collectives for initiatives such as this one. Penn State currently has three different collectives that work with student athletes so they will be collaborating with PSU NYC to connect those students to our alumni base.


PSU NYC believes that there are many benefits to the NIL fund, but the initial goals will be:

  • Allow PSU NYC alumni to interact and support NY, NJ, and CT student athletes
  • Gain better alumni engagement at PSU NYC events
  • Provide student athletes with valuable experience interacting in a professional setting
  • Give student athletes opportunities to make business contacts in the NYC area


PSU NYC is very excited about a number of events coming up that will have student athlete attendance. But our giving is ultimately limited by getting volunteers and having funds to use during events. If you are interested in getting involved in this initative, please contact Kevin at the email below. If you are interested in giving to our fund, a donation box is provided below. We Are!


If you have any questions, please contact Kevin at


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All funds provided by PSU NYC will NOT be used on any person who is not a student currently enrolled at Penn State.  PSU NYC will comply with all NIL laws in the state of Pennsylvania, which is the ruling body due to the location of the university.