Open call for game watch volunteers for the 2023 football season!

Interested in getting $50 off your bill and a free table reservation?  Become a Penn State NYC game watch volunteer.  Contact us today if you are interested! 

How does it work?
Game watch events are our most popular events with alumni - it brings people together from all over the city to celebrate Penn State football.  PSUNYC has multiple bars thoughout the city and we want to maintain a presence at all of them as much as possible.  We are looking for volunteers to help run our game watch events.  And those who run the event get $50 off their bill (paid by PSUNYC) and get to be at the PSUNYC table during the game watch.

What does a volunteer need to do?  Responsibilities include:

  • Setting up the game watch at one of 4 bars in the NYC area
  • Greet people and welcome them to the event
  • Sell raffle tickets, t-shirts, and other PSUNYC merchandise
  • Enjoy the game!

If you are interested, please contact Will at